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Information for after a Salt Water Pool Opening

January 17, 2022
Here is some basic, yet important, information for after a Salt Water Pool Openin...

Swimming Pool Excavation Services for DIY Pool Builders

April 6, 2019
Penguin Pools is now offering excavation services to DIY Pool Builders. Because o...

Go Green and Save Money with Pentair Variable Speed Pump

April 6, 2019
Lets Go Green and save money. Usually those two things don’t go together, but it ...

Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee

February 14, 2019
There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your backyard, but getting swarmed by...

How Salty is a Salt Water Pool?

April 12, 2017
Do you want to know the salt content of the average saltwater pool, or do you wan...

Are Pentair GloBrite LEDs Better than IntelliBrite LEDs?

April 7, 2017
When it comes to led pool lights, there are different options for you to choose f...

Can I Backfill My Pool with Dirt?

April 5, 2017
No. Done simple and straight forward. Inground pool builders who use dirt, clay, ...

Should I Pay to have My Pool Cleaned?

March 29, 2017
There is nothing better than opening your inground pool for the year, knowing tha...

Penguin Pools New Vinyl Liner Install

March 27, 2017
Here is a new vinyl liner install. This pool is 20′ x 50′ so we needed to use 3 v...

What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

March 24, 2017
You think that this would be a simple question right? “What Does a Fiberglass Poo...

Vinyl Liner Steps are Reliable and Beautiful

March 22, 2017
Everyone wants to have the show pool that everyone drools over, but not everyone ...

Graphex Polymer Pool

March 20, 2017
When you decide to get a new inground vinyl liner pool, you have to decide on if ...