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Swimming Pool Excavation Services for DIY Pool Builders

Penguin Pools is now offering excavation services to DIY Pool Builders. Because of popular demand from many of our Wisconsin customers, we’ve added excavation help on their “do it yourself” inground swimming pool builds. Once homeowners purchase their pool kit online, they need help excavating the actual hole for the pool. Call or contact Penguin Pools for a free quote on your swimming pool excavation.

Make Sure You Have Professional Dig Your Hole

The difference between an easy pool build and a disaster is in the pool dig itself. If you over dig you will have a lot of stone or vermiculite to fill in, but on the other hand if you under dig you will have hours of hand carving to do. Penguin Pools has been doing swimming pool services for years throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Minnesota, and we have three different machines that we can use to dig your pool.

Swimming Pool Excavation Prices

Prices to dig a pool range from $2,000 – $3,500; which is the most important of all swimming pool services when building a pool. Most of the time we can dig a pool in under 6 hours, but there are times when that can’t happen.

Size and Shape of Your Swimming Pool Matter

The size and shape of the pool in conjunction with the location and amount of access dirt around the site can vary greatly. If you are keeping the dirt on site then the dig goes much quicker. However, on 95% of our digs get the dirt hauled out because we recommend back filling with washed rock instead of the excavated dirt.

Excavating Your Swimming Pool With Rocky Terrain

The Minneapolis market has great soil for digging, unlike many of the areas in the Southeastern Wisconsin and Madison areas that have heavy concentrations of rock. I guess we have the glaciers to thank for that. When you dig on rock, you are playing with a completely different set of rules. The rock isn’t solid enough to hold the pool in place without moving, let alone pour vermiculite on it to form the bottom of the pool.

How To Excavate Your Pool On Rocky Soil

The following process is the correct way to build a vinyl liner swimming pool in rocky soil.
1. Excavate your pool plus 18″ just like it was clean soil.
2. Order roughly 10 – 15 full dump trucks of Traffic Bond (TB) to be put in your newly excavated hole.
3. Add the TB in 12″ – 15″ layers while spraying with a hose and compacting each layer with a compactor (depends on the compactors rating).
4. Once the hole is compacted all the way back up to the dig shelf, let it sit so the TB can dry, usually overnight.
5. When the TB is dry and hard, should feel like concrete when you jump on it, re dig your pool.
The TB will dig and fell just like virgin soil, unlike the rock that you had previously. The pool will now sit strong and not move due to “un-virgin” soil.