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Penguin Pools

Opening & Closing

Services For Inground Swimming Pools

Penguin Pools can take all the hassle and headache out of your swimming pool opening and closing services. These tasks are time-consuming and complex if you don’t know the correct procedure.

Penguin Pools

Not a Typical Pool Contractor

Penguin Pools is an inground pool contractor, however, we also provide you with all your swimming pool services. Our job doesn’t end when your pool is properly installed, it is just starting.

Lots of inground pool builders just put a pool in the ground and leave, Penguin Pools is a pool contractor and designer that wants to be a part of your pool journey for years.

  • Swimming Pool Opening


    You are excited and anxious to get your swimming pool opened and running for the year, it takes time and is a complex process. Your pool opening doesn’t have to be a hassle when you let a certified Penguin Pool technician take care of it. We will get your pool ready, verify the equipment operation and make sure it will be clear swimming for the rest of the season.

    Intense Process for a Pool Opening

    Penguin Pools does more than just put in your plugs and start your pool equipment. We aren’t just a group of pool contractors, our certified technicians will also perform swimming pool services such as:

    • Heater operation and flue temperatures
    • Verify your automation system is calibrated correctly
    • Verify voltage to your pool lights
    • Check Salt Chlorine Generator output
    • Visual inspection of your swimming pool equipment.
    Clear Water All Year Doesn’t Happen by Mistake

    A proper pool opening service with diagnostics on your swimming pool will make sure that you have an enjoyable swim season all year. Achieving clear water doesn’t happen by mistake and takes a trained professional to get your pool opening done correctly.

    Standard Service

    Pool Opening

    Minor repairs under $75.00 will be done to ensure proper operation of your pool equipment and/or heater. This may include (but not limited to) gaskets, anti-electrolysis basket fitting, backwash hose, and check valve flapper. All major repairs will be noted and quoted for you.

    • System Diagnostics

    • Install Equipment Plugs

    • Install Return Fittings

    • Install Rails and Skimmer Baskets

    • Start Equipment

    • Lubricate Safety Cover Anchors

    • Verify Heater Operation

    • Heater will be turned off when we leave

    • We do not perform a pool cleaning at the time of the opening

    Chlorine Service

    Pool Opening

    The following is added to the pool plus the standard opening.


    • One Bottle of Algaecide

    • Two pounds of Shock or 2 gallons of Liquid Shock

    • One bottle of Pool Enzyme

    Salt Water Service

    Pool Opening

    The following is added to the pool plus the standard opening.


    • One Bottle of Algaecide

    • Two pounds of Shock or 2 gallons of Liquid Shock

    • One bottle of Pool Enzyme

  • Swimming Pool Closing


    It is always a sad day when you realize that the pool swimming season is over, however that doesn’t mean that your swimming pool services stop. Proper winterization of your swimming pool is vital to the structure, plumbing, and equipment of your pool. A swimming pool closing not done correctly will cost you thousands of dollars to fix in the spring. Penguin Pools will winterize your pool, ensuring that your pool will be safe from the harsh kiss of Mother Nature in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    Detailed Closing Process Ensures Protected Pools

    The process of closing a pool for the winter is long, detailed and time-consuming. Penguin Pools certified technicians will give you the peace of mind that your pool is protected for the freezing, snow and cold temperatures that will attack your pool. Penguin Pools does full swimming pool services and isn’t just a pool contractor or builder. A good closing can also help you in the spring when you do a pool opening as it will be cleaner and ready to fire up.

    Pool Closing Pricing

    The cost of a swimming pool closing for the winter starts at $360.00. The pool closing price includes the following:

    • Blowing out the Plumbing Lines.

    • Remove rails.

    • Remove equipment plugs (placed in pump basket for safekeeping).

    • Up to 6 gallons of RV anti-freeze (extra gallons are billed out).

    • 2 Gallons of shock.

    • One quart of 3-month algaecide.

    • Each water feature is an additional charge.

    • Air locking main drain (not liable for valves being opened or malfunctioning over winter).

    Possible Additional Charges

    • Put on safety cover


    • Spill-over spa winterization


    • Skimmer gizmo

      Call for Pricing

    • Winterization plug

      Call for Pricing

    • Safety cover installation
      One time fee, 1st year only


    • Water feature closing
      Slides, fountains, etc.

      $15.00 each

    • Pools with In-Floor Radiant Heat


    • Negative edge pools


    • Safety cover spring replacement

      Call for Pricing

    • Safety cover anchor replacement

      Call for Pricing

    • Check valve flapper replacement

      Call for Pricing

    • Salt water chlorine generator cleaning


    • Safety Cover Placement (put cover over pool for the winter)


Need assistance with opening or closing your swimming pool? Contact Penguin Pools today!