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Vinyl Liner Replacements

Inground Swimming Pools

Replacing Your Vinyl Liner?

Are you delaying replacing your swimming pool liner because you're concerned about the cost? Don't worry, replacing a vinyl pool liner doesn't have to break the bank! Different variables such as material, size, features, and thickness of the liner will all affect the overall cost, but it's still more affordable than you think.

At Penguin Pools, we are not only Southeastern Wisconsin's leading inground swimming pool contractor – but we also specialize in replacing and renovating vinyl liner swimming pools. Installing a new inground vinyl liner can give your pool an entirely new feel in no time.

Our Process

All inground vinyl liners are custom made to fit your pool, we don’t use "off the shelf" liners.  The average vinyl liner replacement process takes 3-4 weeks from the time we measure to the time you have a new one installed.

  • Complete liner measuring of your pool.
  • Send measurements to the designer.
  • Designer creates layout and sends to processing (3-days).
  • Liner is made, cut, and sent to shipping (3-days).
  • Liner is shipped to our wearhouse (6-days).
  • Penguin Pools comes to install your new liner (1 day).
  • Pool water is drained out.
  • Old pool liner is cut out and removed.
  • Bottom of Swimming Pool is patched if needed.
    One bag of patch to repair the bottom of your vinyl liner swimming pool is included. This could be vermiculite, sand, or concrete depending on what your pool bottom is made of.
  • New Ultra-Seam™ vinyl liner is installed and water added.
    Stop looking at ugly seams in your liner, Ultra-Seam has seams that are virtually invisible
  • Ultra-Seam™ Technology on all Vinyl Liner Inground Pools

    Pool liners are the real showstoppers in every vinyl liner pool. Not only do they add to the beauty and attract everyone's gaze, but they also serve as a container for thousands of gallons of pool water.

    Beyond their practical purpose, a vinyl pool liner can drastically change the entire appearance and atmosphere of your pool. Pick a color or pattern that suits your individual style and your swimming pool can become the centerpiece of your ultimate backyard oasis. Replacing your pool liner opens up even more possibilities to express yourself through design.

    How much do liner replacements cost?
    • Rectangle or Grecian Pools
      ~ $6,000
    • Non-Rectangle Shaped Pool
      ~ $6,500
    What are some additional charges that can affect a vinyl liner replacement?
    • Extra Bag of Vermiculite
      ~ $50
    • Re-Foam Pool Walls
      ~ $500
    • Pools over 20' x 40'
      ~ $1,000
    • Convert 1 Main Drain to Two via VGB
      ~ $750
      Company policy is that we WILL NOT allow 1 main drain to remain in the pool!
    • Vinyl Liner to Cover Existing Steps or Bench
      ~ $1,000
      Each Step & Bench
    • Upgrade to 27mil Liner
      ~ $500
    • Sand Bottom Liner Install
      ~ $1,500
      Many times this is added to a job as there is no definitive way to know if a pool has a sand bottom unless the customer knows this ahead of time.
    Is the standard package enough?

    In most cases our standard package will be more than enough to repair and renovate vinyl liner pools. However, vinyl liner pools that are in particularly bad shape may require more than 1 bag of Vermiculite to repair the bottom. Penguin Pools can handle and upgrade items within your pool (lights, plumbing, clogged filters) or any other swimming pool services in addition to the liner replacement.

    • Figure 8 Remodel and Rehab of Old Pool

      Waterford, WI - This project was a full rip out and installation of a new custom free-form pool. The customer had drawn this up on a napkin.
    • Free-Form Figure 8

      West Allis, WI - Customer's pool was in need of some love before Penguin replaced the liner and got it looking good again.
    • Grecian Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement

      Oak Creek, WI - This Grecian inground pool had a bad chemical burn and excessive algae growth.
    • Grecian Vinyl Liner Replacement Service Work

      Oconomowoc, WI - Customer's pool was in need of a new liner and some work on the pool bottom.
    • Grecian Pool Liner Replacement with Fountain in Shallow End

      Dousman, WI - This was a simple vinyl liner replacement that was done on a Grecian vinyl liner swimming pool.
    • Indoor Inground Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

      Mukwonago, WI - This indoor inground swimming pool couldn't hold water and had excessive wrinkles throughout
    • Oval Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

      MN - This oval-shaped pool liner was brittle and starting to fade. While this liner wasn't as bad as some that we have seen, it was on life support for sure.
    • Curved Kidney Rehab and Liner Replacement

      MN - The customer's swimming pool was old and tired looking, so they wanted a complete makeover. New liner, concrete, diving board, etc.
    • Curved Kidney Pool Liner Replacement

      Waterford, WI - This curved kidney swimming pool was in need of a new liner. Penguin Pools measured out the liner and installed it perfectly.
    • Lazy L Pool Liner Replacement & Service Work

      MN - This lazy L vinyl liner swimming pool had been abandoned for over a year and in the process, the bottom was ruined.
    • Double Lazy L Liner Replacement

      Colgate, WI - This liner was particularly difficult as it had an island in the middle of the swimming pool's shallow end
    • Octagon Vinyl Liner Replacement

      Glendale, WI - This octagon liner was a little harder to install than first thought as we couldn't tell exactly where the step was located on liner.
    • Inground Oval Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

      Sussex, WI - This oval inground swimming pool liner was faded and had leaks throughout the plumbing that needed replacing.
    • Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

      Cedarburg, WI - This rectangle inground swimming pool was past its useful life so we replaced it and added a light.
    • Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

      Muskego, WI - This rectangle inground pool needed to be updated plus the customer wanted new equipment and a safety cover.