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Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your backyard, but getting swarmed by insects; especially the persistent mosquito. But Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee and Waukesha? The answer is a resounding YES, absolutely... kind of.

Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee & Waukesha?

Typical methods of spraying for mosquitoes and other insects are done with a specialized backpack sprayer and a diluted pesticide solution. Once the insect comes in contact with the solution, either wet or dry, the insect will die. Once sprayed, the solution dries in roughly 30 minutes and is good from 21-40 days depending on the pesticide

The reason I say the spraying kind of works, is because insects from adjacent properties can fly onto your property and bit you. You can spray your yard and do everything correctly, but you can’t do anything about neighbors or adjacent property’s insects coming into your yard. If they come into your yard and land on the sprayed solution, then you will have killed even more insects than are in your yard. NOTE: you can NEVER kill 100% of all insects on your property.

Other Targeted Insects from Spraying

Generally, the pesticide that is sprayed will kill other insects besides just mosquitoes. On average, the pesticide will kill over 80 other species of insects and flying nuances. Ticks are a huge problem just about everywhere, so the fact that most mosquito spraying services will kill ticks also is a huge benefit. Here is a list of other Targeted Insects from Spraying, but note these can change based on the mosquito control professional and pesticide.

Ticks generally hitch rides on pets and rodents until they come in contact with a host. The quicker you can eliminate the ticks on your property the better. Ticks carry diseases and are just all-around disgusting. They burrow and cause all types of issues.

 Is the Pesticide Safe for my Family?

Does Mosquito Spraying Work in Milwaukee & Waukesha, yes, however, many people will want to know if it is actually safe for your family? Pesticide products that are sprayed by certified mosquito control professionals are safe for all pets and humans! if they are applied correctly as stated by the EPA. EPA registered and approved pesticides are able to control pests on residential, public, commercial, and industrial buildings, plus lawns, ornamentals, parks, recreational areas, and athletic fields.

Once the pesticide solution is dry (approximately 30 minutes after treatment), your family and pets can enjoy the property safely and comfortably.