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Information for after a Salt Water Pool Opening

Here is some basic, yet important, information for after a Salt Water Pool Opening.

  1. Salt chlorine generators don't work until the pool water is 65 - 70 degrees.
    1. We recommend not trusting any salt reading results until the water is @ 70 degrees.
      1. As a result, you must wait to add your salt for the season.
    2. You will need to add supplemental chlorine to the pool until the water warms up. Liquid shock is the most common.
  2. Check your filter regularly & backwash as needed.
    1. We recommend checking the filter every 48 hours until the pool is clear.
    2. The water level in the pool is left high for this exact reason.
    1. When your pool is opened, it isn't treated and balanced. It is your responsibility, the customer, to make sure the chemicals are balanced as to not damage any equipment.
    1. Yes, it is that important to make sure your chemicals are balanced.