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Weekly Pool Cleaning


Penguin Pools has built a strong reputation by providing our customers with the highest level of service to match their discerning tastes. We offer a variety of options for those customers wanting their pool perfectly clean every week without the hassle or time of doing it themselves. Installing a new inground swimming pool is just the start of our relationship, we offer full service and maintenance options to fit your pool cleaning needs.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Saves Money

Monthly chemicals for your pool cost on average $100.00 to $150.00 compared to over $300.00 if your pool starts to turn cloudy or green from improper water balancing.

Swimming Pools that have weekly pool cleaning maintenance achieve:

  • Longer Lasting Vinyl Liners & Fiberglass Gel Coats

  • Reduced Chemical Bounce

  • Historical Water Chemical Tracking

  • Increase in Successful Warranty Claims

  • Cleaner, more Stable Pool Water with Less Chemical Usage

  • Fewer Service Calls

  • Better Quality Water Structure

  • No foreign-based chemicals which reduce heater, vinyl liner, and fiberglass gel coat durability.

Pool Water Chemical Balancing

$45.00 per visit

If you can handle the pool cleaning by yourself but want us to handle the actual water chemistry, then we have a package for you. We will show up and ONLY test your pool water chemistry, the cleaning will be up to you. It is also up to you to verify your pool filter is cleaned and operational. If the filter needs to be cleaned or fixed, it will be charged out accordingly as that will have an effect on the clarity and chemical balancing of the pool.

This program is great for those customers that can clean their own pool but want us to deal with the chemicals. Any chemicals needed will be sold in full container quantities and left at your pool for future use.

Need assistance with your pool maintenance? Call or email Penguin Pools today!