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When Is the Best Time to Open My Swimming Pool

As I write this, it is 49 degrees in Milwaukee... a down right heat wave for us. Couple more days like this and pool openings will start to happen, wrong! It will be back down to the mid-to-low 30’s next week so we want to make sure we don’t jump the gun on our pool openings service.

When Is the Best Time to Open My Swimming Pool

I generally say the beginning of April is a good time to start thinking about getting your pool opened. The temps aren’t warm 50’s – 60’s but the snow has started to melt and the covers of your pool can now be taken off without a snow or ice load on them.
Note that this is going to be very different from region to region and stat to state!

Why Get My Pool Opening Service so Early?

With the low cost to operate pool equipment these days, opening your pool early will allow you to do a couple of things.

  1. Get you pool clean. Don’t wait till the week before Memorial Day party to have your pool opening service. If it is green or dirty you will be hard pressed to get it perfect before the party.
    • The longer you keep your pool closed and allow the water to warm up, you are inviting algae to grow.
  2. Steal a couple of swimming days. You don’t have to turn your heater on, let the sun naturally heat your pool for you. If it chemically balanced let mother nature do some heating for you.
    • If a nice day is on the horizon, turn the heater on to give the pool temp a little boost and get a swimming day in while your neighbor’s watch you having fun.
  3. Avoid the Rush. Get your pool opening service done before your pool contractor gets busy or have the techs being rushed getting to the next job.
  4. Equipment Check. When you get your pool opened for the year you can see if anything needs replacing and still have time to do so prior to the swim season starting.
  5. Get rid of Winter Depression. Nothing looks more depressing than closing your pool in the fall and putting your cover on. Get that cover off and look at your beautiful backyard.

Moving Water Doesn’t Freeze

When Is the Best Time to Open My Swimming Pool? You can get your pool up and running earlier in the year and provided the pump is moving water, you don’t have to worry about a night that dips low. The pool can handle a random snow fall or nights that drop in the 30, just make sure you pump is moving water.