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What you need to Know About Pool Automation Systems?

Pool Control Systems have become a standard item on any new inground pool build and has been since the early 2000’s. Pool Automation systems control your pool pumps, heaters, lights, sanitation systems, water features, low voltage lighting, outlets, or anything else you have around your pool and backyard oasis.

Pool Automation Systems Save You Money

The automation system acts as an electrical sub-panel by the pool equipment & without it the electrician must create his own. That means the electrician has to bring in his own hardware and wiring to build the sub-panel, costing $1,500 – $2,500, instead of installing the pre-made one (loaded with features & timers) for about $1,000.

The math is simple for installing pool control systems as it provides everything you need and you get all the features of it.

Control Your Pool Equipment Run Times and Save More Money

When you automate your pool equipment you can tell it exactly when to run.  Simple ways that an automated timer can save you money.

  • Pump run time
  • Timers on lights
  • Heat Pump and Gas Heater temperature settings, plus times to run during the day
  • Landscape Lighting timer

Imagine never leaving your lights on during the day or having your pump run longer than it should, simple cost savings.

Pool Automation will Simplify Your Life

Have the brains of the pool control systems work for you, not against you.
Set your heater to only run certain times of the day and maintain the temperature you want.
Variable speed pool pumps are very common and are mandated is some parts of the US, pool control system will manage the time the pump runs and and what speed.

All Pool Control Systems offer add-ons that allow you to control your pool’s equipment from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Going to jump in your spa when you get home from work?  Turn it on and jack up the heat before you ever leave the office.

What you need to Know About Pool Automation Systems?

It comes down to cost, convenience and ease of use. Having pool control systems on your pool will make life easier for you, your builder, and the electrician. The pool automation system up-front cost is well worth the money for the time and convenience that it provides.