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What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

You think that this would be a simple question right? “What Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?”

Well not so fast. Inground pool prices vary on a bunch of different options, some you might have not even thought of. For example, customer service. Yup, your inground pool prices will vary based on the customer service you get from some pool contractors. Getting good customer service requires manpower, manpower requires money.
Another expense that you will pay for is experience. Don’t let someone fool you, there have been mistakes made on other jobs that give the pool contractor experience on what not to do and how to do it better. Those life lessons along with certifications and trainings cost money.

Fiberglass Pool Cost

For the sake of this article, we are going to talk about the cost of a full pool installation that includes everything that you will need minus landscaping. We have mentioned it many time before, but inground pool prices vary based on where you live. Your location will determine

For a round ballpark numbers, you can expect to pay roughly

  • $40,000 for a small pool under 28′ long
  • $55,000 for a medium pool under 36′ long
  • $70,000 for a large pool up to 42′ long

Naturally these are roughly prices and will vary based on the amount and type of flat work (concrete, pavers, decking) that you have around the pool. Do you want a tile water line, bubblers in the bench, fountains, fire features, outdoor kitchen, pergola, gazebo, pool house; sorry I went on a little tangent there.
As you see, prices can go North very quick based on your needs and wants.

A fiberglass pool cost should encompass your entire project to make sure that you are getting everything that you need and want. Often times pool contractors will give inground pool prices to get the job, only to charge for hidden costs down the road. Items that should be a part of every fiberglass pool cost :

  • Fiberglass Shell
    • Color selections are available, not just white
    • Shipping costs of the pool
  • Excavation
    • Dirt Removal
  • Pool Equipment
    • Pump
    • Filter
    • Heater, if needed
    • Sanitation System
    • Lights
    • Automation / Timer
  • Skimmers, Main Drains, Returns
    • 2 skimmers for anything over 32′ long
    • Minimum of 3-4 returns for pools to 40′ long
  • Handrail, Deep End Ladder
  • Water to Fill the Pool
  • Flat Work
    • Cantilevered Concrete or Pavers
  • Fencing
  • Gas & Electrical Hookups
  • Summer & Winter Covers
  • Sump System or a way to Control Ground Water

A good pool contractor will be thorough and included everything you need for your pool. MAKE SURE TO ask what additional charges will and may come up that aren’t include on the inground pool prices. The pool builder will itemize these items for you to make sure that you are within your budget.

Remember, most pool companies don’t include landscaping with their quote so don’t forget that you will have to clean up the yard from where they were coming in an out.