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Swimming Pool Services should be done by your Pool Contractor

March 17, 2017

Add a few chemicals, turn the heater on, throw in the auto cleaner; pools ready to go correct? That little tear drop leak isn’t a big deal and I will get to cleaning out those leaves later. If this sounds familiar in your head, then you might want to think about having your swimming pool services done by a pool contractor.

Everyone is busy and running from here to there. I hate when people say “We can’t, we are so busy” or when they start a conversation telling you everything they have done that day just to get where they are, standing talking to you. Do you think I am sitting around all day watching the grass grow? Sorry my rant is over.

Consistency Counts when it Comes to Swimming Pool Services

Weekly attention to your pool is the difference of a couple of dollars today, compared to hundreds of dollars later. Simple swimming pool services like pool chemistry, cleaning a salt water cell, or even cleaning your skimmer baskets are very important. If you aren’t paying attention to these simple items, you should be.

Lets make it simple and just look at the 3 basic items listed above.

  • Pool Chemistry 101
    • If your pool is out of balance you can start to eat away at your heater, pool surface, or any other equipment you have. The big on is the pool surface, you could be forced to replace your liner or refinish your concrete pool years prematurely costing you thousands.
  • Clean a Salt Water Cell
    • Do you like scale in your pool or a lack of chlorine production?  That is what is going to happen if you don’t check the salt cell regularly to see if it needs cleaning.
  • Cleaning Skimmer Baskets
    • A clogged skimmer basket can reduce flow to your pump and cause it to lose prime. If your pump isn’t primed, you can run it dry and possibly burn out your motor and the piping around it.

Your local pool contractor will perform these simple swimming pool services for you on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have the time to do it, that is why we hire professionals to do this work. It is no different than hiring someone to

  • mow your lawn
  • wash your windows
  • clean your house
  • plow your driveway

Make sure your Pool Contractor is Qualified

Don’t simply take the word of a pool contractor that he know what he is doing. Just because they have a nice truck, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. Qualified companies belong to the APSP which set specific guidelines for building and servicing inground pools. If your pool contractor isn’t certified or looks like they just fell into the pool industry, they probably aren’t the best person to do your swimming pool services.