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Swimming Pool Contractor Leak Detection and Repair Services

January 4, 2017

It’s not a service we write about much, but it’s definitely in the job description of a swimming pool contractor. Your pool contractor should specialize in pool leak detection and other swimming pool services. Technicians will inspect the perimeter of the pool, dive the pool, and if necessary, use audio and video inspection equipment to locate all of your pool leaks.

Basic and Advanced Pool Leak Detection

Basic Pool Leaks

In our book, a pool that leaks less than one inch of water a day is best classified as a basic leak. This covers the majority of leaks on the inside of the pool (i.e. vinyl liner pool, fiberglass pool, or concrete pool). A pool contractor will charge a flat fee for basic leak detection and leak repair on standard pools.

Advanced Pool Leaks

Advanced leak detection is for pools that are leaking more than 1 inch of water a day. This usually means that there is a broken pipe underground and that it will need to be pressure tested. Simple swimming pool services, like a pressure test, will usually find the leak, but depending on the severity, we may have to use listening devices called geophones, to pinpoint the leak location.

Swimming Pool Services – Leak Detection and Repair Process

Here is our leak detection process and the guidelines our swimming pool technicians use to find leaks.

  1. Inspect the pool equipment for any leaks and air pockets
  2. Inspect the perimeter of the pool/spa, as well as any water features around the pool
  3. If necessary, the technician pressure tests each plumbing line
  4. When we pressure test plumbing and pipes, we will seal off all of the plumbing and use air pressure to find the leak
  5. Perform an inspection of the swimming pool lights, tiles, and the main drain(s)
  6. For fiberglass pools, the technician then checks the surface for cracks
  7. For vinyl liner pools, the technician inspects the liner seams for separations and holes

Once the leak is found, the pool contractor will repair the leak and monitor it to make sure it holds. Depending on the severity of the leak, we will fix the leak or run a completely new line. Now you have an idea of how we find and repair your pool leaks, contact us or call today so that we can help your pool stop leaking right away!