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Tags: Inground Pools, Renovations

Strong Pool Krete Mixer & Pump – Vermiculite Pool Bottom

February 15, 2017

When it comes to the substrate that you are putting in your pool you can do

  • Sand (professional pool contractors don’t do)
  • Vermiculite pool bottom, also called pool krete
  • Concrete Pool Floors (high end pool contractors tend to use)

This article will talk about a vermiculite pool bottom.

Vermiculite is one type of pool bottom you can pour for your inground swimming pool. Strong is the leader in vermiculite (pool krete) for the swimming pool market. Strong premix pool krete is easily applied and gives a perfectly formed bottom so the liner will not slip or wrinkle.

The pool krete can be mixed with a paddle mixer from a local rental shop, however, never try to use a tumbler. Pool contractors that do multiple vermiculite pool bottom, generally use a special mixer and pump directly from Strong Manufacturing, the makers of pool krete.
The mixer and pump give a perfect consistency throughout the entire pool so you don’t have to worry about some areas being too dry or wet.

The pump and mixer allows you to pour an entire vermiculite pool bottom with 3 guys and much less time.

Vermiculite is porous so water can move through it, however the more water that moves through it, the quicker it starts to break apart. The key to a good inground vinyl liner replacement is a solid base. When you replace an inground vinyl liner, expect to patch the vermiculite.