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Should you build your pool in the fall or spring?

Pool being built during winter season

Winter is the time of year when many people begin to think about their summer holidays, lounging on a beach sweating and thinking about building a swimming pool for the summer. But, you don’t have to wait until the early spring and summer months to get your pool under construction! Should you Build your Pool in the Fall or Spring?

You might not think that the fall or late-winter is the best time start the pool building process, but the colder months are the best time of year to build.

Advantages of Starting Pool Construction in the Fall

Many consider pool building as a summer project. The cooler months brings a number of advantages:

  • Pool contractors are less busy and will have more time to focus on your project alone.
  • The cooler weather means that the pool contractors will fatigue less and be willing to work more efficient.
  • Pool contractors often times offer inground pool prices at a discount to move product so it doesn’t sit all winter.
  • Greater availability on fiberglass pool designs that sell-out early in the summer. The fiberglass pool cost might also be less.
  • Fiberglass pool delivery and installation costs will likely be lower than peak months, saving you money
  • Your flat work gets done after the pool is built so often times you can do that work in the spring, allowing you to save some money over the winter before you have to pay for the flat work to be done.
  • The home improvement of the yard by putting in a pool can be a tax deduction.

But, perhaps, the biggest advantage to building your pool in the fall or late-winter is that your new swimming pool will be ready to use as soon as the weather turns.

Get Pool Quotes and Inground Pool Prices Now

It is never to early to start getting quote and inground pool prices.  It is better to have all the information and know what the cost is going to be prior to pulling the trigger.  If you want a pool now, the big and quote process from pool contractors should’ve started 4-6 months ago. Reputable inground pool builders have a pipeline of potential customers, make sure you are one of them.