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Should I Pay to have My Pool Cleaned?

There is nothing better than opening your inground pool for the year, knowing that summer is right around the corner. You take the cover off & open your pool, only to find out it is a mess. Time to clean the pool, but do you really want to deal with it? You think, “Should I Pay to have My Pool Cleaned?” or is that just being lazy?

Inground Pool Cleaning is Easy

Don’t be fooled, pool cleaning is pretty easy and straight forward. Take out the hose and vac head, put it in and get to cleaning. Clean the filters as dirt gets caught, then repeat & repeat till the water is clean.

Better yet, just throw you auto cleaner in the pool and have it do the majority of the cleaning for you.

While the process to clean your pool is simple, it still takes time. Vacuuming and dusting are easy, but many of us have maids. Mowing the lawn is really easy, however people pay to have someone else cut it for them.
Same goes with your pool, simple yet time consuming. You can be spending time with your family doing fun stuff, while someone else cleans your pool.

Pool Cleaning is Easy, Chemicals can be Challenging

Cleaning the pool is easy, generally very easy when you throw in your auto cleaner, but balancing your chemicals can be a challenge. Many customers often get confused when they have to deal with Chemistry 101.

Experienced pool contractors that deal with swimming pool services can easily do a pool cleaning and handle your chemical balancing. Experience pool technicians will go to school and classes strictly dealing with pool chemistry and balancing. Balancing your chemicals isn’t overly complicated, but it does require consistency along with common sense.

Pool Cleaning Costs

Depending on where you go and how saturated the market is with pools, will determine what you will be charged. In Phoenix, a technician can stay in 1 neighborhood all day and do 20-30 cleanings. If you go to the Midwest, you might have 20 cleanings spread out among a 5 mile radius. There is no way to clean that many pool correctly in a day, so you need additional techs and trucks to get them all cleaned. More people costs more money, which costs the customer more to get the job done.

Should I Pay to have My Pool Cleaned?

Hell, I don’t know. Can you afford it, then yes pay to have someone do it. Can you do it yourself, sure, millions of people clean their own pool. Can you clean it right and get the chemicals balanced without messing up your vinyl liner or concrete?
That is yet to be determined.