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Public Swimming Pool Services Safety

December 30, 2016

Swimming pool operators are now required to install new safety devices aimed at preventing entanglement and drowning. Despite having nearly a year to comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, commonly referred to as the Pool and Spa Safety Act, a lot of operators failed to update their facilities. Many pools and spas remain open in flagrant defiance of the law, with the owners often citing the cost of the upgrade and the unavailability of necessary drain covers.
Good inground pool builders that offer swimming pool services can get pools in compliance.

Pool operators could also face civil liability if someone is injured or killed due to drain entrapment. Under the legal doctrine of negligence, the pool operator could be held responsible if an unapproved drain cover causes a drowning or similar injury. measures cannot completely prevent drownings. Offering swimming pool services to the public is now regulated and must be done in a safe manner. Always use caution when swimming and supervise young children and other poor swimmers. With those tips in mind, swimming can be safe and enjoyable.

If you see something that doesn’t look correct at a public swimming pool, alert someone so they can get it fixed by certified inground pool builders.