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Pentair’s Automatic Pool Cleaner: The Kreepy Kruiser

January 26, 2009
The Kreepy Kruiser, automatic pool cleaner by Pentair

The new Pentair Kreepy Kruiser features many design elements shared by the most popular suction-sided pool auto cleaner in history: Kreepy Krauly. But, the Kreepy Kruiser has its own points of distinction, too. The Kreepy Kruiser is similar in design to the Baracuda G3 & G4 that have become so popular with inground swimming pool builders and owners. Pentair’s design utilizes only one (1) moving part and 8 parts in total.

Pentair has also improved on its design by creating a patented Silent Flapper design which delivers ultra-quiet cleaning performance. This is something that the Kreepy Krauly didn’t have and was often times very loud. The Kreepy Kruiser pool auto cleaner is guaranteed to keep your pool clean and not create a lot of noise doing it. Pool contractors that perform swimming pool services use pool auto cleaners like the Kreepy Kruiser to clean the pool while they are doing other tasks around the pool.

Benefits and Advantage of Pentair’s Kreepy Kruiser

The Kreepy Kruiser automatic pool cleaner also has the following great features to help you clean your inground swimming pool.

  • Patented seal design with specially engineered “fingers” assures Kreepy Kruiser won’t be thrown off course by main drains, tight corners, eyeball fittings and lights
  • Built-in bumper maneuvers Kreepy Kruiser around steps, ladders, and tight corners for uninterrupted, unattended performance
  • Extra-wide mouth captures large and small debris with ease
  • Free flow gauge and adjustable speed control valve for optimum cleaning performance
  • Ultra-quiet cleaning performance through the Silent Flapper design

While the Kreepy Kruiser is new to the market, Penguin Pools is selling it at the manufacturer’s price of $499. To inquire about purchasing this unit, simply contact us.