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Keys to Know for Inground Pool Quotes

Spring is right around the corner and people are starting to think of warm weather. If you are in WI today, it is the 1st time we have seen the sun in 14 days; 3 days off the current record of 17. Start calling your pool contractors to get your inground pool quotes NOW!

Keys to Know for Inground Pool Quotes

  1. Timing
  2. Experience
  3. Offerings
  4. Customer Service

Knowing Pool Build Timing

Everyone wants there pool to start in the spring so they have it for summer, but that isn’t always the best time to build. Should you build your pool in the fall or spring depends on

  • Complexity of your pool build
    • More complex builds take longer and you will not have it ready for the summer.
  • How wet your yard is in the spring
    • If your yard is wet and doesn’t drain well, you might (and should) wait till it dries out
  • Financial stability
    • Should you wait a little longer to get the pool you want rather than what you can afford

The general rule of thumb is start getting your inground pool quotes as early as possible from multiple pool contractors. If you wait till January or March to start the process and reputable pool builder is already booked till June or July.

Not all Pool Contractors are the Same

When you get quotes from pool builders, make sure you can see some of their past pools and what they are capable of. If you see something on their website, make sure you can go and see it to make sure they aren’t claiming someone else’s work. Just because a pool builder says they can do something, DOESN’T mean they can actually do.

Get the Pool You Want

In this day and age of Houzz and Pinterest, you can see lots of ideas and work prior to getting any inground pool quotes. Arm yourself with the power and information of what you want. Don’t have someone tell you that have to get this type of pool or this shape pool. Your pool contractors should be able to give you exactly what you want.

If you are looking for a full backyard, make sure the pool builder has experience in the full backyard instead of just building inground pools.

You Pay for Good Customer Service

Remember when you are getting your inground pool quotes that your pool contractors will charge you good customer service after the pool is built. Additional staff to handle call, answer emails, send out reminders; all cost money. A company that doesn’t have a good support staff will not have the overhead of those people, but that also means you will probably not have good customer service after the pool is built.

Always remember to get multiple inground pool price from different pool builders. Do your homework on them and make sure to come prepared with what you want for your backyard.