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How to Select a New Inground Vinyl Liner Replacement

February 22, 2016

Ready for a New Inground Vinyl Liner, but how do you Select the Correct One?

With so many options, from so many companies; deciding on the correct vinyl liner replacement can be confusing.  This new pool liner decision will stay with you for the next 10+ years, so you have to make sure you know what you are getting and why.

Water color, thickness of the liner, seam strength, installation time, color of the material... these are just some of the items that you much consider when choosing your inground vinyl liner replacement.

Simple Liner Answers to Simple Liner Replacement Questions :

While comparing apples to apples on all the different options from all the different manufacturers and swimming pool services is confusing, knowing the answers for what you need and want will remove the clutter.

  1. How Thick should I get my New Inground Vinyl Liner? – This question is the most common and the answer is easy! Get a vinyl liner that is at least 20mil thick. That is it, 20mil. If you are going to get a rip in a liner, a thicker liner will not prevent that. Why pay more money for a thicker vinyl liner that will only last roughly 10 years? Pick out the liner pattern you like, as most vinyl liners last roughly 10 years regardless of it’s thickness. Many swimming pool service companies will charge more for a thicker liner, which will not prevent it from ripping and only increasing the price of your vinyl liner services.
  2. What Color do I want my Pool Water to be? –  Light & sandy to look like a beach setting or maybe a dark solid vinyl liner to make it more classical, or better year do you want something to look better at night with colored lights for a romantic look? This selection is really personal preference based on your pool landscaping & outdoor living.  If you want your lights to look better at night select a dark inground vinyl liner replacement.
  3. Does the Backing of the Vinyl Liner make a Difference? – The vinyl liner backing on an inground pool will make a difference as your liner starts to fade. If the liner backing is white, that will start to show through quicker once it starts to fade compared to a liner that has a blue backing. Liners that have a darker backing last just as long as one with a white backing, but it looks cosmetically better for longer.
  4. Does the Type of Seam make a Difference in a Vinyl Liner Replacement? – YES. The seam in a vinyl liner is one aspect that does matter, considering that the seam is man made and needs to be water tight. Most seams are the same, but are ugly since you will see a white line in your pool. The UltraSeam from Latham Pools has a seam that is not visible, but best of all it is STRONGER than standard seams. You get the beauty and the strength in one package.
  5. How Long does it take to Replace an Inground Vinyl Liner? – The process to replace your existing inground vinyl liner will be the same regardless of what liner you select, 1-2 days once you have the liner in hand.

Choose the Liner Pattern you Like Cosmetically :

Don’t worry about thickness, the liner will last just as long provided you get a 20mil vinyl liner as a minimum. The only thing to consider for cosmetics is the liner backing & if you want it white or dark (generally blue); we recommend a dark backing it if goes with what color you want your pool water to be. The Inground Pool Liner Replacement Cost will depend on my factors and one of them might be the thickness of the liner, make sure to ask you pool contractors.

When choosing one new pool liner manufacturer over another, ask about the seam visibility and its strength. Use a reputable swimming pool builder or specialist, don’t use neighbor Bob to install your new vinyl liner replacement.