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How to Replace a Vinyl Pool Liner

Seems like everyone dreads getting that liner replaced, “we can wait one more year”. It’s really not that bad is it? Over time an inground swimming pool’s vinyl liner will start to dry out, crack, rip, or shrink. While that might sound like a horrible thing to happen, it really isn’t the end of the world.

The inground pool liner replacement cost can really get out of control if you have structural issues when you pull the liner back on your pool.

The Biggest Killers of Vinyl Liners

The biggest killer of vinyl liners, or any pool equipment for that matter, is pool water chemistry. The more your chemicals fluctuate and “bounce” the more damage you do to your liner and equipment. Vinyl liners and concrete pools constantly absorb chemicals, when they are balanced not much happens but when they bounce it starts to dry the liner out.

How to Replace a Vinyl Pool Liner

Always get a quotes from experienced pool contractors to make sure that everything is being looked at. They will tell you what your inground pool liner replacement cost is and make you aware of anything that might be extra.
Verify you have all new gaskets and face plates PRIOR to starting your project. A tube of clear silicone might not be bad to have on hand. Make sure you know how to select a new inground vinyl liner replacement.

  1. Pump out all the water of your pool.
    1. Pumping the pool out is usually the longest part of the process if you don’t have a large water pump.
  2. Take out the old liner.
    1. Cut the liner into pieces so that it is easier to remove from the site and throw away.
    2. Inspect the walls, fixtures, and pool bottom.
  3. Fix ne items.
    1. Patch the pool bottom so it has time to dry/setup.
    2. Clean any walls and treat/fix any rust or holes.
  4. Clean, sweep, vacuum the bottom and then repeat.
    1. A clean bottom will save you time in the long run.
  5. Replace all your gaskets around your steps, in-wall ladder, lights, returns, main drains, skimmers and anything else you have below the water line.
  6. When everything is cleaned and ready, install the new liner with air vacs sucking the air from behind the liner. Fill with water and you will be set.
    1. When the water is 6″ – 12″ on your shallow end, you can remove the vac and continue filling with water.

Inground Pool Liner Replacement Cost

If you decide to have a pool contractor that does swimming pool services replace your vinyl liner, you should expect to spend $3,500 – $4,500. A pool contractor will have the experience to replace the liner PLUS fix anything else that comes up once the liner is removed. 90% of the time something structural is uncovered when the liner is removed. Structural issues will definitely increase your inground pool liner replacement cost.