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Tags: Inground Pools, Pool Service

How to find Good Pool Contractors

You have talked it over with the family and everyone agrees, Lets Get a Pool! Great, but how to find good pool contractors comes rushing to your mind. This is a big undertaking and you need to start your research on pools ALONG with pool contractors.

References, References, References

The simplest way to determine if pool contractors can do what they say, or better yet what you want them to do, is to look at their past work. Physically go to their previous customers and look at the work. Don’t just talk or email past customers, set a time to meet those customers at their house to see what was done.

  • Talk to them about the time lines
    • Were they accurate
  • How was the customer service
  • Have they offered other swimming pool services after the pool build?
  • Was the quote they offered accurate throughout the entire pool build?

Recent Work Portfolio

When you meet with pool contractors, make sure to ask how many pools they did over the last 2 years. The pool builder will then tell you that number (probably inflated), then ask them for the references from that number. That should tell you what type of satisfaction rate they have.

While some of these pools will not be in your area, it will give you a good idea on how willing the pool builder is to give out the names of their past customers.

How did the Project End

All projects will have some type of hiccup, might be minor or it could be huge. The telling tale on how to find good pool contractors is how they finish the job. If something didn’t go to plan, how did the pool builder rectify the problem or make the customer whole? This is the type of customer service you can expect for your project.
Hopefully they learned from their mistake and will not repeat it.