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How much are Vinyl Liner Inground Pool Prices?

There are many different aspects that will affect your inground pool prices.
Some factors that will affect your price is the region you are building in, the size & shape of the pool, the access to your yard/site, and most of all all the extras you want to put in. You know, the goodies that make a standard pool into something beautiful.

Vinyl Liner Inground Pool Prices – The Basics

There are many different vinyl liner pool designs for you to choose from, but at the end of the day your most cost effective shape is going to be your rectangle. Not the sexiest shape, but definitely the least expensive and the easiest to build.

Your standard rectangle inground vinyl liner pool should start around $40,000 for the pool; assuming basics items are included (excavation, steps, lights, gas/electrical hookups, 3′-5′ of concrete around the pool)

A non-rectangle pool inground vinyl liner pool should start around $45,000 as it is going to take a few extra days to build.

Be very cautious of pool builders that are giving package pool costs for under $35,000! People who offer sweet heard deals on pools that seem to good to be true, ALWAYS ARE. They might not be insured, qualified, certified and most off all you never know if they will be around in a year to honor any warranties.

Get What you Pay For

When you talk to your builder make sure the vinyl liner pool designs you are looking at meet your needs. Verify the inground pool prices include things you want and need for your backyard.
Your pool contractor should be able to help you navigate the options that are the best for what you want and need; don’t get pushed into a pool shape or options that you don’t care about.

Get Creative on your Vinyl Liner Pool Designs

You can custom make any size or shape that you want with your pool, don’t be told you can’t. Just remember that the inground pool prices go up when you add more curves and bends.

Variable Costs

Here is a list of items that can affect vinyl liner inground pool prices before and during the build process.

  • Region of the Country (Southern states tend to be less expensive)
  • Ground type of your site (rock, clay, sand – all have their own costs)
  • Availability to Natural Resources (Stone, sand, water, fuel)
  • Access to the backyard (can trucks and equipment get back there?)
  • Time of Year (some companies charge more in spring and less if fall)