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How Long Does it Take to Install a Fiberglass Pool

March 28, 2016

You just watched a show where they built a house in a week & during that time they also installed a fully operational backyard with an inground fiberglass pool. Awesome, sign me up; the problem is that's not reality, nor would you want that to happen.

Those situation can happen with an army of workers, installers, volunteers, PLUS office staff to coordinate everything, that isn’t reality by any means. A fiberglass pool takes time to build, install, and finish.

How Long to Install a Fiberglass Pool?

Lets just ease your mind or frustrate you all at once, not sure which one it will be for you. It takes WEEKS to install a fiberglass pool, vinyl liner pool or concrete pool. Fiberglass construction will go much quicker than others, but it still takes weeks for the full project.

Factor in the basic steps when getting a pool:

  1. Permitting for the pool
  2. Engineering for the soils (rarely, but can be necessary)
  3. Excavation & ground prep for the fiberglass shell
  4. Plumbing
  5. Backfill
  6. Concrete
  7. Fencing
  8. Landscaping

The time it takes prior to actually digging can vary from 1 – 6 weeks depending on the local municipality and permitting process. The GOOD NEWS is that experienced inground pool builders can dig, prep, and install a fiberglass pool (plumbing, backfill & water) within 3 days.

HOLD on, you aren’t done yet. You still have on average 1 week for your flat work (concrete or stone), 1 week for fencing, and 1-5 weeks for landscaping depending on your wants and sit conditions.

Mother Nature Likes to Mess with You

Rain, Rain, Go away... and come back next year. A single day of light rain will pull the pool contractors off the site for an average of 2 days, heavy rain even longer.

Any inground pool builder how says they can install a pool in 1 day or will guarantee it will be done by a specific day is more than likely going to end up being made a liar. They might believe they can do it, and maybe they have in the past, but if they can predict the weather I will hire them today!