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Fiberglass Pool Myths: Fiberglass Pools Can’t Handle Freeze Thaw

April 1, 2016

More common fiberglass myths; Fiberglass Pools Can’t Handle Freeze Thaw Cycles?  Any pool that is built correctly can handle the freeze and thaw cycles in northern climates. Doesn’t matter if it is fiberglass, vinyl liner or concrete.

The same way that pools pop out of the ground, if they are built incorrectly anything can happen.

1 Simple Answer to “Fiberglass Pool Can’t Handle Freeze Thaw Cycles?”


If fiberglass pools couldn’t handle the freeze and thaw cycles, the fiberglass manufacturers wouldn’t sell them in “freeze climates”. Like any inground swimming pool, you need to have a pool contractor who knows what they are doing and install your pool correctly.

Drainage & Stone: Key Factors

In northern climates, the stone backfill and  pool bed base are very critical. You need to be able to make sure that all the water is moving correctly around the pool and that it isn’t sitting in the surrounding soils. If there is water in the soils, now you have room for that water to freeze.

Once again, it doesn’t matter what type of pool you have, you want the water to move and drain away from the pool. A sump system, much like what is used for preventing a floating liner, is a good way to remove ground water.

Pool Contractor with Experience

A fiberglass inground pool installation isn’t difficult but you must have a pool contractor that has experience installing a fiberglass pools and knows how to handle ground water. If you have a pool contractor that isn’t experienced, he will make all fiberglass myths come true.