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Common Mistakes When Opening a Pool

May 3, 2009

Everyone wants to have their pool opened for the big memorial day party, however your pool might not be ready to swim even though it is open.  Avoid these Common Mistakes when Opening a Pool.

A good pool contractor that does swimming pool services will look at these items when opening a pool, but if you do it yourself make sure not to forget these details.

Opening a Pool is more than taking your Cover Off

Generally most pools have to be drained some as the winter snow and spring rains fill them up past the mid-point of the skimmer. Once your water level is at the right position for your pump to operate, is when you should check out some simple items . . . that most people don’t.

  • Check the O-rings on each plug and the lid of the skimmer.
  • Check the heater box to make sure it is clean and free of any nests.
  • Verify each valve operates correctly and hasn’t cracked.

Each of the above items are simple and should be check when opening your swimming pool. If you don’t, it could cause you issues when priming your pump.

Opening a Swimming Pool is more than Starting up your Pump

Now your pump is running and you have started to move water around the pool and through your filtration system.  You are on your way, but opening a pool means it need to be ready for the entire year.  Don’t forget to verify :

  • Weir door operation for each skimmer, make sure they don’t get caught
  • Return face plates aren’t cracked
  • Check and balance all chemicals BEFORE running your heater, Chemistry 101

Verify your Pool Equipment is Scheduled Correctly

Your system has no leaks, you are filtering the water; now you need to verify that your system is running at the correct time and speeds.
Make sure your automation system is set so that your pool pump and heater are running at the correct times of the day.
If you have a variable speed pump, make sure that both the times and speeds are set correctly.  You might need to run the pump faster for the first week or two to make sure the pool gets clean.

Following the above Common Mistakes when Opening a Swimming Pool will allow you to have an easier time and experience when opening a pool. If you have a company that does swimming pool services open your pool, make sure they are checking these items also.