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At What Level TDS Should I Drain My Pool

May 26, 2016

TDS, stands for Total Dissolved Solids... which is basically all the stuff and junk held within your water. Everything we add to the water increases the TDS of your pool water; chemical balances (PH, Alkalinity, CYA, etc), chlorine, shock, even our own dry skin and hairspray. It all goes into the water and accounts for your TDS level.

Correct TDS Level

Many swimming pool services companies will tell you that you want 0 TDS in your pool, however that isn’t realistic. Highly filtered water has TDS levels of 500 ppm. Your typical pool will be fine if you have a TDS level under 2,000 ppm; levels higher than that or over 3,000 ppm, you will start to notice:

  • that you can’t hold a chlorine level in your pool, even when clear
  • cloudy pools for no reason
  • Scale on tile or plaster
  • Staining on pool surface

Note that pools with salt chlorine generators typically have TDS levels 3,000 – 4,000 and still function and operate perfectly.

At What Level TDS Should I Drain My Pool

When you can’t hold chlorine and your TDS is over 2,000. How you ask? Drain your pool down and add fresh water.

In some parts of the country, there are swimming pool services that will run your water through a reverse osmosis (RO) system to remove the TDS. Very useful in the drought stricken parts of the country.