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Are FreeForm Pools More Expensive to Build?

March 17, 2016

Based on inground pool prices, should you even look at a freeform pool? Absolutely! For the most the part, the cost of freeform pools will be roughly the same as a rectangle pool within $5,000.

With a purchase this big, you are always going to get multiple pool quote from different pool contractors and you will see that the cost of a freeform compared to a rectangle isn’t as much as you thought.

Are FreeForm Pools More Expensive to Build?

Yes and no.

Free Form pools can take more time to build than a standard rectangle pool, but not much.

  • The pool regardless of vinyl liner or concrete, still needs to be framed up.
  • The surface area of the still bottom needs to be poured or formed
  • The only real thing that takes longer is the excavation making sure that all the radii line up and are precise. 

Each type of swimming pool brings with it it’s own inherit add-ons, which can increase inground pool prices.

  • With a rectangle pool, you typically decide to get an automatic pool cover which costs anywhere from $10,000 – $15,000.
  • A FreeForm swimming pool lends itself to additional swimouts, benches, spill over spas, and tanning ledges.

Swimming pool pricing isn’t just the physical pool, it is everything else that goes into it. A simple rectangle pool might have an auto cover on it which will drive the swimming pool pricing higher than a freeform pool with a spill over spa.

Cost of Fiberglass Pool, FreeForm = Rectangle

Fiberglass pools are great and are the hottest thing in the pool market right now. The cost of fiberglass pool is done a little differently than vinyl liner or concrete pools.

Every square inch of the fiberglass shell is factored into the cost of fiberglass pool. It doesn’t matter if the pool is rectangle or freeform, the cost is based on how many square inches of fiberglass are in that pool.

FreeForm Shape vs. FreeForm Dig

Remember that the shape of a pool can be rectangle but the dig can be “freeform” in the eyes of some inground pool builders. The pictures below show a vinyl liner pool that is 50′ x 100′  and over 14′ deep for a collegiate diving board. NOT your standard vinyl liner rectangle pool.

Swimming Pool Pricing VARIES, get Multiple Pool Quotes

  • Some inground pool specialists will try to charge more for a sport dig, they shouldn’t.
  • Some pool builders don’t charge less for a flat bottom pool, they should.