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A Lap Swimming Pool Provides Great Exercise

Like many people, you may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on exercise equipment that you never use. But what if exercise were more fun? Swimming is fun and it’s a great way to exercise, but most people don’t have either the money or space for a full sized pool in their yard. It is for these very reasons that you should look into getting a lap swimming pool. Your local pool contractors can get you a pool design that works for you.

Basically you have a couple of choices. You can get either full length lap pools, or one of the small models where you swim against jets of water coming against you. Either way the health benefits are numerous. If you think about it, it’s almost like having the perfect exercise machine at your home.

Low Impact Pool Exercise is Fun

  • Swimming in lap pools is great cardiovascular workout. Your heart rate will increase, much like it would if you were running down the street, on a treadmill, or on a track. You’ll be burning calories and increasing your endurance at the same time you are swimming.
  • Pool exercise is better than running because it greatly reduces your chance of getting hurt. It’s low impact, so there’s no constant pounding on your joints. That means no aching feet, knees or back. You get all the fitness benefits without all the aches and pains.

Get Strong with Your Lap Swimming Pool

  • Perhaps you’re looking to increase your strength as well as your overall health. Swimming does this also because the water provides consistent resistance. Olympic athletes realize the resistance of the water and many make swimming a regular part of their exercise program.

How Much are Lap Pools as Inground Pool Prices Vary?

I won’t kid you into thinking that a lap pool is inexpensive, but it certainly will cost less than putting a huge traditional pool in your back yard. It will also take up less room, and if you go with one of the small models where you swim against a stream of jets, you can probably find room in your home. Inground pool prices vary from region to region so research your local inground pool builders and see who can also offer you swimming pool services after the pool is built. Your pool contractors are going to be important.

If you should decide on a full length pool placed in ground and in your back yard, you’re not only getting a place to exercise, but a place to entertain as well. Whatever size inground pool you decide to build, make sure your pool contractor gives design that compliments your backyard and use inground pool builders who understand your needs.

Put it all together and a lap swimming pool is almost a perfect exercise machine. Lap pools give you a low impact, cardiovascular workout with a reduced risk of injury. You get resistance training without spending money for cumbersome free weights. And it is low maintenance, reasonably priced, looks great, and won’t take up a lot of space. And best of all it’s fun. Any good pool designer can make your lap swimming pool work for your home and give you great pool exercise.