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2017 Fiberglass Pool Models

February 17, 2017

Fiberglass manufacturers have released all of their new pool models for you to view along with the ones that they have retired. Now that all the new models are out and ready for production, you can find out how much does a fiberglass pool cost

If you ask your local pool contractors what what models they offer, they should be able to show you or even point you to their website with the different pool models. Some companies even publish the fiberglass pool cost directly, which takes all the guess work out of it.

Trilogy Pools has added even more custom rectangle pool to their portfolio, giving you more options for fiberglass options that are auto cover ready. Trilogy is know to have the strongest and thickest pool walls in the fiberglass market.

No Longer a Big Bathtub

Fiberglass pool costs are based on size & depth, but that doesn’t limit them to unique step and bench configurations. The choices you have with the new pool models for 2017 is great & I can ‘t image they will slow down in the years to come.

This is an exciting time in the pool industry and pool contractors are itching to install these new pool models. With these new shapes and fiberglass models coming out, make sure to ask how much does a fiberglass pool cost because some pool contractors will inflate the price when there is no reason to do so. New doesn’t mean that the fiberglass pool cost should go up.

Do your research on the pools, Trilogy and Viking Fiberglass are the two leaders in the market for fiberglass inground swimming pools.