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Penguin Pools

Concrete Inground

Swimming Pool Options

Concrete (also know as Gunite) pool designs are the most flexible, elaborate and involved of all inground pool installations. Concrete pool designs are considered permanent, reinforced fixtures as they require site excavation and are constructed with gunite (sprayed-on concrete), plaster and rebar.

Many concrete pools are often used in commercial applications; however, many private homeowners opt for concrete swimming pools primarily for the flexibility of shape, size, depth and upgrades that can be customized. Penguin Pools offers a wide variety of special options such as water features, custom steps, beach entries, plaster finishes or pebble applications can be easily added to complement these high-quality swimming pools.

Concrete Pool Options

Because Concrete/Gunite pools are ultimately free-form, and can be configured to any shape or design, at some level they all require a custom quote. However, if you’re simply looking for what a Rectangle Concrete Swimming Pool would cost, we can estimate that:

  • 16' x 32' | $92,000
  • 18' x 36' | $106,000
  • 20' x 40' | $121,000

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