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Penguin Pools

Pool Covers

Design and Pricing Details
  • Automatic Retractable Safety Pool Cover
  • Stone Auto Cover Lid
  • Stone Auto Cover Lid
  • Top Track Auto Cover

    Available Pool Cover Colors

    Pool Covers

    Automatic Covers

    Penguin Pools offers the greatest safety you can have around your swimming pool: an automatic pool cover. These covers automatically open and close your pool with a simple touch of a button. We offer CoverStar and APC covers, the leaders in automatic pool covers. Not only will your automatic pool cover close your pool in less than 60 seconds, it also provides a safe environment for children. Auto covers can hold up to 485 lbs. in a 5′ radius. Strong enough for grown adults to stand on! Each auto cover we provide is custom-made to your pool’s exact requirements. Think of it as your pool’s own fingerprint.

    Benefits of Your Penguin Pool Automatic Pool Cover

    • Saves you 70% in Pool Operating Costs
    • Cuts Filter and Pump Times
    • Cuts Evaporation up-to 98% Adds 5 – 15 Degrees of Solar Heat (*With A Dark Colored Cover*)
    • All of our automatic pool covers come with a Walk-On Lid as a standard item.

    Other pool builders in Southeastern Wisconsin and Minneapolis charge additional for this feature alone! Penguin Pools gives it to you for free!

    • Automatic Pool Cover Stone Lids

      If you want a really sleek and clean look to your automatic pool cover, you can get a stone or paver lid. The automatic pool cover lid seems to disappear into the border around the pool. For stone lid brackets, there is $2,500 upcharge. This upcharge for what is needed to use the stone coping as the auto cover lid and doesn't include the actual cost of the stone or the labor to install the stone.
    • Undertrack Auto Pool Cover

      Prices From - $14,999

      These auto covers are the most popular and have the cleanest look. These covers run under the flat work of the pool coping on any rectangle swimming pool. By running under the flat work of the pool, the tracks stay cleaner and are barely noticed when walking around the pool.

    • Toptrack Auto Pool Cover

      Prices from - $16,999

      Top track auto pool covers are used when you don’t have a rectangle pool and still want an auto cover. Penguin Pools runs flush tracks in the concrete so that your swimming pool will be completely covered. The tracking for top track auto covers gets placed just outside the widest part of the pool and runs the entire length of the pool.

      So, for example, if your free-form pool is 16′ x 32′, your actual tracking will be 18′ x 37′. All our Top-Track automatic pool covers are custom-built to fit your pool.

    • Pool 'n Pool Auto Pool Cover

      Prices from - $17,999

      A Pool-In-Pool auto cover system creates a rectangle step all the way around your non-rectangle swimming pool. The tracking for the auto cover is simply run under the step so that it is concealed and has a clean look. Pool ‘n Pool auto cover systems give you all the benefits of an undertrack system, even though you don’t have a rectangle pool. Each Pool ‘n Pool auto cover is unique and that drives the pricing up a little more compared to an undertrack system.

      This automatic pool cover is great for people who want the undertrack auto cover look, but still want to have a free-form pool.

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