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Pool Heaters

Design and Pricing Details
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    Pool Heaters

    Pool heaters are the best for adding comfort to early morning lap sessions, after-dark swims or to extend your swim season to earlier in the spring or later in the fall. The key to pool heating economy is combustion efficiency…making sure the heat that is generated is transferred to the pool water with as close to 100% efficiency as possible. Pool heaters have come a long way in the last decade and Penguin Pools is here to offer you whatever solution fits your family best.

    • Pentair Master Temp Heaters

      Penguin Pools uses Pentair MasterTemp pool heaters because they are high efficiency, economical, and heat up fast. And they’re built to last.

      Gas pool heaters have the same efficiency and will cost the same to get your pool to temperature. A larger heater will cost the same to heat the water it just does it MUCH faster. Keep the heat in your pool by using an auto cover.

      Benefits of Pentair’s MasterTemp Pool Heaters

      • Controls rotate to 3 positions so there’s no need to reverse the header simplifying installation
      • Quick-change orifice allows easy conversion of gas sources
      • Compact design (21 L x 21W x 28 H) is easy to retrofit, no matter what the space challenges
      • Certified for low NOx emissions
      • Superior “best-in-class” energy-efficiency
      • Built-in carrying handles for easy transport
      • Top-mounted, large format digital display for easy viewing

      Swimming Pool Heater Prices by BTU

      • 150,000 BTU – $2,999
      • 200,000 BTU – $3,099
      • 250,000 BTU – $3,299
      • 300,000 BTU – $3,399 [BEST BUY, MOST POPULAR]
      • 400,000 BTU – $3,699
    • Pentair Heat Pumps

      Heat pumps require a larger electrical feed and are extremely efficient.

      Heat your pool with an environmentally friendly heat pump. Pentair’s UltraTemp heat pump uses an ozone-friendly refrigerant and has a 100% pure titanium heat exchanger that assures corrosion-free performance for extra-long life.

      • LCD control board displays an intuitive, menu-driven readout with easy to follow, full-word messages—no more codes
      • AutoSet (time clock override) feature monitors water temperature and turns the water circulation pump on and off as needed to maintain desired pool temperatures
      • Automatic defrost feature senses refrigerant temperature and prevents UltraTemp from freezing, allowing the heat pump to operate at even lower temperatures
      • Compatible with all automated control packages
      • Long-life, corrosion-resistant plastic composite cabinet stands up to severe climates and pool chemicals
      • Emerson Copeland Scroll Compressor on 60-Hz, single-phase models
      • ETL listed for safe operation
      • Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) controls refrigerant flow for optimum efficiency and BTU output over a wider operating range
      • Highest efficiency available—meets or exceeds existing codes and standards
      • BTU and efficiency performance independently certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)

      Heat Pump Pool Heaters Pricing

      • UltraTemp 120 - $5,900
    • In-Floor Pool Heating

      A simple concept that has been around for centuries, radiant heat. In-floor radiant heat has been used in homes, basements, garages, slabs for years... now you can have the same efficient heating with In-floor pool heating.

      When a radiant heat system sends a hot liquid water or antifreeze through tubing embedded in the concrete pool floor, the liquid heats the tubing, raising the temperature of the concrete to about 100 degrees F.

      Unlike a standard pool heater, the radiant system warms the water evenly from the pool floor all the way to the surface, maintaining a consistent temperature from bottom to top.

      If you jump in a pool that's 10 feet deep, your feet are the same temperature as your shoulders. Operating independently from the pool's filtration system also saves energy costs, since heating the pool doesn't require turning on the circulation system. These systems work best for frequent swimmers since it takes two to three days to raise the water temperature from the low 50s to the high 80s. Once the water is close to the right temperature, the heater can achieve a 1-degree rise in about 1-2 hours depending on the size of the pool.

      The average in-floor radiant pool heating system runs about $11,000.

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