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  • Pentair’s Automatic Chlorinator
  • IntelliChlor® Salt Water Chlorinator
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Pool Sanitation

The pool sanitation portion of your pool equipment kills the bacteria and organisms you can’t see. The traditional means of pool sanitation is to use chlorine in your pool. Penguin Pools uses standard chlorine in all of our pools as a standard rule of thumb as chlorine has been around for years and is even used to treat your municipal water supply.

  • Pentair In-Line Chlorinators

    Standard Pool Sanitation on All Penguin Pools Packages

    Classic pool sanitation is done by putting chlorine into your swimming pool to kill all the “bad stuff”. Pentair’s Automatic Chlorinator is a simple way to add chlorine to your pool. You simply add chlorine tablets in the top of the cylinder for constant chlorine feeding, no need for the “floating duck”. The chlorinator mounts on the return line immediately after the pool heater.

    There must be a check valve placed between your heater and the in-line chlorinator to prevent and backdrafting of the chlorine gas.

  • Pentair IntelliChlor | $1,499

    Salt water swimming pools are becoming more and more popular as the price of these units are now affordable. IntelliChlor® Salt Water Chlorinator uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively, and automatically. IntelliChlor® has the same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition, without all the drawbacks. Customers don’t need to buy, transport, and store chlorine compounds at their home any longer.

    Benefits of a Saltwater Sanitation System

    • No more red eyes
    • No more faded swimming trunks or suits
    • No chlorine smell
    • No bleached hair
    • No dried skin or irritation
    • Less monthly chemical maintenance

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