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Design and Pricing Details
  • Inground pool safety cover
  • Elevated Safety Cover over Wood Deck
  • Inground pool safety cover
  • Custom Safety Cover Slide Install
  • Inground pool safety cover
  • Inground pool safety cover
  • Inground pool safety cover patterns and colors

    Available Pool Cover Colors

    Pool Covers

    Safety Covers

    When you live in Southeastern Wisconsin & MN, you must close your pool down each year for the winter. Closing your pool down helps to ensure that your pool doesn’t get damaged or risking freezing your plumbing lines.

    A Pool safety cover is primarily used to winterize your pool at the end of the season.

    Benefits of a Pool Safety Cover

    Penguin Pools safety cover is made of an extremely strong mesh material that can support several hundred pounds without collapsing. Meaning that a two or three full-grown adults could comfortably stand on the cover without worry!

    • Most importantly: SAFETY
    • Mesh pool safety cover is anchored to your pool decking for safety
    • Winterizing your pool keeps winter debris out, making it easier to open in the spring
    • A Safety Cover allows snow to melt into the pool, raising the level of the water
    • Debris is easily removed prior to removing the cover, preventing it from going into the pool
    • Our covers block 99% of the sun coming through the cover, allowing for cleaner water when you open your pool for the year.
    • We use Latham's 7000MS Mesh!

    Installation of your Pool Safety Cover is done when your pool is closed in the fall and costs $325, this price isn’t included in the cost of the cover.

    • Never Use an Auto Cover to Winterize Your Pool

      Auto Cover Pool Winterization / Closing
    • Rectangle Safety Cover Prices by Size

      A Pool Safety Cover for a Free Form Pool is priced out on a per-pool basis as it will be custom-made compared to the simple rectangle sizes above. Please contact us for a quote.

      • 12′ x 24′ | Price – $2,299
      • 14′ x 28′ | Price – $2,399
      • 16′ x 32′ | Price – $2,499
      • 18′ x 36′ | Price – $2,599
      • 20′ x 40′ | Price – $2,699

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