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Polymer Pool Walls

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    Polymer Pool Walls

    Polymer pool walls manufactured by Latham are 100% corrosion-free, offering unmatched durability and resilience. When installed properly, polymer walls stand up to the test of time, weathering decades of even the brightest sunshine and rowdiest splashing. Not only is polymer tough and rugged; its anti-corrosive properties also make it ideal for saltwater pools, which are increasingly popular due to their easy maintenance.

    Polymer pool walls are stronger and more popular than galvanized steel pool walls. Penguin Pools can, and has, installed steel walls in the past but only if it is requested by the customer. Polymer pool walls will not bend, dent or warp like a galvanized steel wall and while they are harder to install for the company, it is worth the extra time to produce a better pool in our opinion.

    I-Beam Pool Wall - The Strongest most Advanced Wall and Deck Support in the Pool Industry

    The problem with traditional steel pool construction is the "live load" or tons of weight from the pool deck and surrounding soil that constantly presses down and inward on the walls. At Penguin Pools we use our time-tested I-Beam Pool Wall Brace to better and evenly distribute this weight down to the footings.

    Each I-Beam brace is attached in six placed up and down the entire height of the wall, then we fill in the I-Beam pool wall brace with solid concrete, making them an integral part of a one-piece foundation system.

    DON'T believe the competitors that say putting a sono tube of concrete does the same thing . . . IT DOESN'T !

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