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Penguin Pools

Pool Accessories

Design and Pricing Details
  • Deck Jets & Water Features
    Pool Accessories

    Water Features

    Penguin Pools has a wide variety of inground pool water features that can be added to any pool to help make it stand out and give it a WOW factor. We offer pool fountains, pool waterfalls, and pool deck jets that can meet the needs of the most creative imaginations out there! Find out what we can do for you and your water features!

    • Pool Mini Deck Jets

      The simple addition of deck jets can make your pool stand out and give you the added feature to complete your pool. Penguin Pool’s deck jets can shoot a stream of water up to 13′ at a 45 degree angle. Our standard deck jet package includes 3 mini-deck jets and installation. We can install more jets than standard package; however, each deck jet beyond 3 will be charged individually.

      • Mini-Jet Package with Install (3 jets) | Price – $1,999
      • Additional Mini-Jet (1) | Price – $699
    • Pentair Laminar Fountains

      Pentair Laminar Fountains are by far the best on the market and that Penguin Pool offers. These fountains are the WOW factor. Pentair Laminars create completely clear, uniform arcs of moving water that originate from your pool deck or surrounding landscape. At night, these translucent streams are brilliantly colored with an LED light source. The result is a water effect that adds an elegant entertainment to your poolscape.

      • Pentair Laminar Fountains with LED : Price – $1,999 each
    • Custom Waterfalls

      Penguin Pools can create custom waterfalls to meet whatever needs you may have. Unfortunately, there are no package prices for swimming pool waterfalls, as each is custom-architected and built. The only limits are your imagination and your budget.

      Contact us for a custom quote on swimming pool waterfall.

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