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Pool Accessories

Design and Pricing Details
  • 3’ Zoomerang™ - $5,999
  • 4’ White Water™ - $6,899
  • 6' Wild Ride™ - $7,399
  • 6’ X-Stream 2™ - $7,900
    Pool Accessories

    Pool Slides

    Pool slides make a great upgrade to any inground swimming pool. Whether you’re looking to replace your current slide for the new pool season, or spice up the next pool season with some fun, we’ve got you covered! Penguin Pools offers the most popular water slides from SR Smith for any inground swimming pool we build. SR Smith is the leader in residential swimming pool slides, using all stainless steel pool handrails to add distinction to your backyard. Pool slides are always changing and improving, so let us know if you see one that isn’t listed that you would like.

    Choosing the Right Water Slide for Your Pool

    The general rule of thumb: the height of the slide is the depth that the water needs to be in order to ensure proper pool safety. Beyond that, your decision should be based on who will be using it (i.e. teenagers, younger children, etc.) and budget.

    • 3’ Zoomerang™

      This 3’ Zoomerang™ water slide is kid-sized, and packed full of fun! The water delivery system provides lots of rushing water to make you feel like you’re at the water park! This slide is available in a right turn configuration.

      This is a "small slide".
      • Color Available: White
      • Price: $5,999
    • 4’ White Water™

      The 4’ White Water™ slide is the perfect sized pool slide to deliver loads of entertainment for the entire family. The water delivery system is the best in the industry to provide the best slide ride you can get! This slide is available in a right or left turn configuration.

      • Price: $6,899 [Blue, Tan, and Gray]
    • 6’ Wild Ride™

      The 6’ Wild Ride™ slide offers up a fantastic thrill ride for the most discriminating of sliders. The water delivery system supplies a rush of water to give you that water park-like ride right in your own backyard! This swimming pool slide is available in a right-turn configuration.

      • Price: $7,399 [Blue, Tan, and Gray]
    • 6’ X-Stream 2™

      The 6’ X-Stream 2™ swimming pool slide boasts an exhilarating 2-turn ride that will impress all of the kids in the neighborhood. The water delivery system supplies loads of water as you experience the excitement of this high banking, high splash ride! This slide is assembled in either a right or left turn configuration.

      • Color Available: Gray
      • Price: $7,900

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